About Us

Most everyone has heard of the phrase "Necessity is the Mother of Invention." That is the exact reason why I formulated this homemade recipe for my Best All Natural Skin Repair.  Does your skin care regime include slathering lotion all over your body from head to toe just because it smells sooooooo good?    I used to do that until my skin started telling me "no"!   After I developed eczema and other strange rashes (initially while pregnant with my 2nd son) doctor after doctor could not explain and did not know what was causing them. So, I began using every single over the counter and popular "eczema" creams I could find. Nothing helped all the symptoms (redness, inflammation, irritation, itchiness, dryness...) go away at all. I was prescribed steroid cream that the doctors assured me that the steroid cream "was just topical...and did not enter my bloodstream", however clearly on the label it states, "do not use more than 2 weeks"??   Wait...why? Is it that powerful? Is it that harmful? A doctor prescribed it to me so it must be good for me...right?   I was not, and I am still not comfortable putting this or anything else on my skin – the largest organ of my body, that is not 100% pure and safe. So, because of this and the fact that the prescribed creams did not offer me much relief, is what ultimately led me to create this amazingly magical cream.    It did not happen overnight by any means! It took a myriad of late nights over a course of time to get it right...from the incredible scent to every important ingredient to a longer shelf life and smooth consistency. It was an absolute necessity that this lotion be oil based because if even a drop of water (or aloe) is added to a product it automatically requires a preservative. I have a science background to begin with, however I did not know how much I was about to learn through my homemade experiments conducted in my studio. That is how my 100% natural all-purpose healing cream was born. 

When my pre-teen starting to wear deodorant I created my 100% natural version, containing organic ingredients, out of necessity because there was nothing like it for purchase commercially. Even the largest health food stores sold deodorant that contained chemicals, parabens and/or preservatives. It was not enough for me that the product was only aluminum free. Then came the trick for the scent to be appealing for my son, myself and my husband alike. That is how Homemade by Nelli's 100% pure deodorant was born.  

Homemade by Nelli's 100% natural Bug Spray and Tick Repellent was created after a family camping trip. It was not an option to not wear a bug spray/tick repellent and I was spraying my young children and myself with harsh chemicals/DEET. I felt horrible every time I sprayed it on us yet the thought of a tick bite scared me more. As soon as I got back home I dedicated myself to creating a natural and safe way to protect my children and myself from bugs, mosquitoes and ticks. I researched and investigated and found that The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed Lemon Eucalyptus Oil to be as effective as DEET. With those findings in conjunction with other natural resources I was at work with my recipes. After many failed attempts and awful scent combinations this incredible product was complete.   I want to thank my family, friends, friends of friends, co-workers of friends...everyone that tested out my products in my beginning stages and gave me honest feedback, so I could tweak it over and over and over to finally have formulated Homemade by Nelli's products.